The Power of Social Proof

People will always try to conform to the social rules and with the ideas, they have in mind. On social media and websites, they will try to conform with the society and the influencers they see on those websites. This is called social proofing, and it’s actually one of the best ways to generate more interest in your products/services. That is if you use these adequately and know how to make the most out of it.

Why use Social Proofing?

Whether you want it or not, the Social Proof is a part of executing your landing page strategies. The reason is easy to understand. Every customer will purchase products/services that make him/her feel good about their own person. If you see that the product actively makes you feel better and happier, then you will obviously endorse the product.

And that’s when you will use social proof. This will help customers make a decision and they also feel confident about that choice as they go along. Is it a necessity to use any Social Proof? A lot of people would say no because there are review sites and other stuff that people will study before making a purchase.

But things are not that simple. If you have Social Proof in the form of social share buttons, testimonials or reviews, people will be more enticed to at least test the product, if not buy it completely. When you get an endorsement for a product from a person you trust, you will definitely check it out. The same thing happens in the case of social media for example. Humans live in a society, so they are always exposed to a form of Social Proof. Which is a good thing for your marketing approach, if you know how to tackle that the right way.

Is it mandatory for your sales pages?

There’s nothing mandatory, you can obviously create the sales page in any way you see fit. But if you do want to have success, you will notice that most sales professionals are using any form of Social Proof on their sites. And more specifically on landing pages, as that’s where they can get the most attention from their customers. That doesn’t mean it will actively work all the time. Sometimes it does, other times it will not do that. You just need to be very creative and to actively push the boundaries of what Social Proof you can add and adapt.

Which type of Social Proof is the best?

You won’t find one better than the other. The wisdom of friends is always a nice touch. The wisdom of the crowd via reviews and statistics is also important. User success stories, expert social proofs, and celebrity social proofs are equally as important. You shouldn’t value one more than the others.

In the end, you will always notice that any addition Social Proof you add will further improve the success of your business. That doesn’t mean it will be something simple, but you do need adaptability and focus in this situation.

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