Responsive Web Design: What Is It And How To Use It?

Whether it’s a new or an established firm, all businesses need to maintain a robust online presence in the e-commerce industry.

Having a professional website can expand your customer base and take your business to greater heights. However, a professional site means a responsive website.

With smartphones being a common phenomenon nowadays, most people use their phones for online shopping and browsing. This is why it’s crucial for you to offer a responsive website to customers.

Back To Basics

Responsive websites mainly refer to a site that can work on all devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and more.

A responsive web design enables a web page to resize itself, as per the type of device being used.

Whether you’re using a laptop or a smartphone, the website should automatically cater to your needs as well as the image size and scripting abilities.

Responsive web design has many advantages. Firstly, your target customers can access your website on multiple devices, without a hassle. For web designers, it saves a lot of time and effort. They do not have to build separate sites.

Another reason for using a responsive website is that Google now ranks them better than the ones that aren’t.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, a responsive website uses fluid grids. The website page elements are sized by proportion and not pixels. Let’s say you have three columns; you will define their width as compared to the other columns.

A responsive website offers optimal online experience to users. If you’re looking to expand your customer base, it is imperative to have a responsive website. It will allow your customers to engage with your site on each of their devices, anywhere and at any time.

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