How To Use Website Analytics Data Effectively?

After investing in the improvement of your website, it’s essential that you measure its efficacy. Companies usually talk about the use of analytics to set measurable and achievable goals, but most of the time, they fail to utilize the analytics provided by your web design agency fully.

Businesses usually focus on the number of visitors and overlook other useful information. You can leverage website analytics to measure performance and set new goals for the company. Here is what you need to do with your website analytics.

So, What Is Web Analytic?

Web analytics are metrics that collect data, provide analysis, and measure your website efficacy. This data can be used to understand website performance and take the necessary steps to optimize it further.

How To Make Use Of Web Data


Determine Trends

Web analytical provides complete performance trends of your website. You can compare monthly and yearly performance with just a click, but a better approach would be to monitor weekly or daily performance.

Although tabulation of daily or weekly data is difficult for some analytical tools, you can always export data to Excel for a thorough investigation.

Use charts and pivot tables to formulate customized trends.

This will help you identify days of high website traffic and days your website receives most comments.

With this data, you can develop a content strategy that is more visible to the consumer.

Avoid Drawing Random Conclusion

Conversion rates are vital for marketers. A sharp decline can raise numerous red-flags, but before you approach every website design agency, look at the relevance of the numbers.

A campaign might lose consumer’s interest due to various reasons. An article that you wrote at Christmas time might lose readership within a month. Don’t panic over discrepancies. Investigate the matter.

You can use standard deviation to measure the oddity of an event. If a campaign lies outside the average, it’s statistically significant for your company.

Segment Your Data

Determining the factors that drive a noticeable change in your website performance can be a time-consuming task. The best approach for accurate data analysis is to segment it and pinpoint shared behavior and common occurrence to determine factors affecting performance.

Establishing Correlation

Highlight the data that makes an impact on your bottom-line. Link likes, share, comments, views, and visitors to your sales and revenue performance.

For example, you might have developed a landing page that generated a lot of leads and conversions, and saw an increase in sales for that period.

Measure the performance of seasonal campaigns on a monthly basis. Identify changes that can be made to improve profitability.

Set Actionable Goals

All your hard work and calculations need to be applied productively.

Use the data to set reasonable and actionable conversion goals. And make necessary changes to the website to harness more traffic and optimize search engine ranking.

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