How to promote your business online

Learning how to promote your business online could be a daunting task especially with all the information we found on the internet.

There are a gazillion articles talking about what you should be doing, where to invest and how to do it.

The reality is that promoting your business should have a custom-made strategy and not a general approach. However, you should understand at least the basics of digital marketing to know what to invest in your business.

how to promote your business online
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What is Digital Marketing and Why You Should Embrace It More than Ever?

Digital Marketing are two words with a lot of punch! Also referred to as data-driven marketing, it uses digital products and services and markets them online through websites, social media, text messaging and podcasts.

With higher percentages of the population accessing the internet every day, it has become the standard for making purchases, getting feedback on products and services and more.

A recent survey showed that more than 55% of young adults made brand purchase decisions based on what they saw in social media alone.

If you want to advertise, digital marketing is the way to go, and we will share information with you about advertising strategies, recommended platforms and more.

Remember, there are no one-size fits all in digital marketing strategies, but this will give you a glimpse of how to promote your business online.

Read on!

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promoting of services, products, and brand through various forms of electronic media. Some of the more common forms of digital marketing include the following:

● Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram)
● Email and Mobile Marketing
● SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
● Advertising via pay-per-click, banners and scrolls

The internet era is changing the world every day and businesses are striving to keep up with the pace. As digital advancements continue to lead the way, they realize the importance of marketing online.

The purpose of digital marketing is for market research, increase your presence and visibility online and integrate your business into the various online platforms available today.

Why You Should Embrace Digital Marketing

Small business of a young woman.
Small business of a young woman. Beautiful young woman working in a workroom, measuring wood.

During the last few years, digital marketing has helped launch businesses from small struggling startups to businesses that are successful beyond belief.

Some examples of this are Uber, Airbnb, and Etsy, to name a few. While they had an online “home,” they were not reaching the viewers interested in buying from them.

At least, not until they got on board with digital marketing, and at that point, they acquired a massive population of buyers and are still going strong.

No matter how great of a product or service you have, if you do not get the word out about it, your business will not make money.

This is where digital marketing plays an important role towards helping you market to a larger, more diverse audience and ramp up your sales.

Digital marketing promotes businesses in multiple ways. If you’re still wondering what it is all about, look no further.


Top 6 Reasons To Use Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

1. Your Customers are Online
Statistics as of June 2018, indicated that there were a total of 3.2 billion people online. How is that for increasing the number of customers you reach with digital advertising?

2. Provides Feedback Crucial to Your Sales
With the ability to track the effectiveness of your ads via digital marketing, it provides crucial data towards being able to assess what the ads are doing for you.

You can see if someone saw your ad and moved on or clicked on it to find out more information about what you were offering.

It will track if they contacted your business to find out more, or if they completed a lead generation form to receive emails from you and it even tracks if you made a sale.

That is incredible feedback to let you know if an ad is working for you or not.

This information provides data to that helps you monitor your ROI.

It also lets you know what best catches your customers attention so you can further expand on it.

With the various platforms available you also have the option of testing various advertising campaigns to determine what gets the most results.

3. More Economical
Digital marketing offers more flexibility in advertising expense over traditional marketing.

When compared to newspaper, phonebook or television ads, digital marketing provides many more options; all of which can be customized to work with any size budget.

4. Builds Client Relationships

Building a relationship and earning the trust of your customers is vital for your business.

In the realm of digital marketing, you can have a conversation online with them.

With traditional marketing, how often were you able to have a conversation with a client, or customer while they were viewing your newspaper ad?

With chat facilities available, you can build a relationship with your customers, by offering them fast, quality service; answering their questions on the spot.

This shows to your customer that you care about them, with results in better customer retention in the future.

5. Improves ROI
Study after study has shown that there is a higher return on investment with digital marketing as compared to the standard, traditional marketing methods.

In addition to this, traditional marketing is typically more expensive, reaching a smaller audience.

When assessing costs of a newspaper ad versus an online ad, it was typically as much as ten times more expensive.

Furthermore, depending on the type of advertising you choose, you may get more bang for your buck.

For instance, with Pay-per-click ads, you only pay when the ad is clicked on.

Without any upfront costs to get started, this is extremely appealing to small businesses.

Digital ads are capable of providing helpful tracking information, which provides you with data to further improve your ROI.

6. Build Brand Reputation
If you are in business, then you have a brand, and that brand is how your customers recognize you.

One of the top advantages of online marketing is that it enables you to reach a larger audience that has been targeted towards what you sell.

As your customers learn more about your vision, philosophies and everything your brand is about, they will perceive that as value and trust your brand.

Customers share their experiences and feedback online all the time, therefore sharing your product. This opens the door for more revenue and new opportunities for your business.

What Strategies Should I Use to Promote My Business Right Away?

Group of people looking for strategies
Group of people looking for strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies to Implement on Your Website

Web Design:

Typically, a business website is the first form of contact for potential customers, which makes it a top priority in growing your online presence.

Be sure your website offers consistent branding throughout on product sheets, white papers, logos, colors, fonts, and content.

User Experience:

First and foremost, you’ll want to focus on what your customer is looking for.

Going to your website should be a great user experience (UX). Focus on load times and overall user-friendly web design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is the crux of any successful website.

If you are not getting visitors to your website, then you’re losing out on potential sales.

Tips to improve the SEO on your website:

As a part of your website design, the content should offer value to the customer and be geared towards what you sell or offer.

Consistency is key, as it will improve the authority and relevance of your website.

Content is a major driving force for SEO.

Not only should you have content on your website, but be sure you routinely update content.

Search engines look at this data and content that is kept up to date is perceived as being actively utilized and relevant to what people are looking for.

Metadata and relevant keywords should be included on each page of your site.

Having clickable links on your website are also valuable for your search engine rankings.

In addition to relevant contact, have links that address the URL name, rather than a “click here” tab.

Local SEO

Get noticed locally. Local SEO is essential for even a “brick and mortar” business.

Until recently the need for Local SEO had been underestimated.

But with digital marketing being more prevalent than traditional marketing methods and people searching for business names, phone numbers, addresses, products, and services online now, it is imperative that you have your online presence designed for to optimize the local SEO for your business.

Focus on building a link profile:

The easiest way to determine the current view of your link profile is to download “Google Search Console” and download your link history, to see what searches come up for your business name, phone #, etc.

Once you’ve gathered that information, determine the ones relevant to your market.


○ For the most benefit, these should include your local area
○ Use keywords with a lower competition


○ This includes your name, address, phone number wherever you’ve posted online information about your business.
○ Structured citations include business listing sites like Yelp,,, Angie’s List, etc
○ Unstructured citations are mentions of your business on websites like blogs, job listing sites, events sites, etc.


○ Even online, the real-world relationships are going to bring you, customers. As mentioned in the unstructured citations, if you invest in your local community, you will reap the benefits. Donate and volunteer, get local sponsorships and ask your business relations to mention you online.


Pay-Per-Click is a campaign is a service provided by Google.

Once you’ve determined an advertising budget for a campaign, they will list ads for your website on pertinent organic search traffic listings.

Once someone clicks your ad, money from your budget is deducted.

The amount is based on the current Cost Per Click (CPC) amount.

Once your budget is used, Google no longers runs your ad until funds are replenished.

● People searching for specific items online frequently click on PPC ads and it is one of the most frequently used form of digital advertising.
● PPC provides advertisers for a way to get their message in front of people who are already interested in the line of product or services they offer.
● Search engines like PPC ads because it provides them with a means to accommodate searchers interests.

Content Marketing

This part of marketing is the winner for building customer relationships and trust by providing them with valuable information which they will come to associate with your brand, resulting in positioning your business as an expert in your product.

Content marketing is done in the forms of website content, blogging, and videos. Regardless of which one you choose, be sure to bring value to your customer.

The key here is for customers to see your content because it doesn’t matter how great your content is if it isn’t seen or if it doesn’t produce the response you hoped for.

To make your content work for you, consider how you’d answer these questions.
1. What demographic is your content relevant to?
2. What unique experience can your content offer the audience?
3. How will the audience benefit from your content?
4. Which platforms you’ll utilize?
5. Who will create your content?
6. How will you schedule and manage the publications of your content?

In answering those questions, you will have a better insight into the focus you need to have for developing a strategy for content marketing you have to know what sets you apart from all the others.

What makes you the expert? Consider it as an outline that defines the main topic and purpose of your business.

Get More Reviews

The best way to get online reviews is to ask for them.

While some customers are in the habit of posting reviews, good and bad, sometimes people need to be prompted.

As long as you ask for reviews in a way that isn’t perceived as putting on the pressure, customers will quite often oblige.

How do you ask? Invite customers to leave a review or an online feedback.

It is rather important to encourage clients to leave positive feedback, not the negative. Having multiple online options in which to invite customers will provide them with options, as suggested below.

1. Yelp
Yelp runs right alongside with Facebook in being one of the most trusted sources for customer reviews.

Be sure to register your business on Yelp and invite customers to comment.

Also, monitor the comments and be responsive because that is reflected on the site whereas it shows response time and response rate percentage. That too will reflect on your business
2. Facebook
If you don’t already have a Facebook page for your business, now is the time to get one.

Claim it today! This will give potential customers the opportunity to find and learn more about you during their time on Facebook, which makes it simple and convenient for them.

Like Yelp, Facebook rewards you for your responsiveness. If you’re not able to monitor it routinely, assign the task to someone.
3. Google
Google has a “Google My Business” feature that will provide you with an extremely helpful tool.

By using this, you will be able to claim your spot on the largest search engine available to consumers.

This is especially helpful for the “brick and mortar” businesses because when people use Google Maps for a specific area, you will be eligible to come up when applicable.

Reviews can also be left on Google, which appears on Google’s “Hubspot.”
4. Amazon
If you have a presence on Amazon and haven’t already done so, be sure to make your Amazon page specific to your business.

Customize it by again, placing valuable content.

Use the same topics as on your website, but don’t copy and paste.

Tell the story of your business and how the products you sell can help people, as well as other important content.

Amazon’s search is an impressive tool that could potentially give you massive visibility.

If a potential customer is attracted to your Amazon products, then provide them with more information and spark their interest in your company.

Your Amazon page should highlight all products, specific details about each one, testimonials and reviews.

Which Platforms to Prioritize for Digital Marketing

While your website should be a top priority in marketing your business, the more platforms you advertise on, the higher visibility you will have.

The key to determining which platform will work best for you is to consider the following points:
● If you are marketing to the younger generation, or “millennials” than social media will be very important for you. Whatever your target audience, it would be wise to be familiar with the platforms they use.
● Consider your budget. Your advertising anywhere will have to fit within your means.
● What type of support will be available to you on said platform? Will you be responsible for setting it all up? Will you be in complete control of managing the online ad campaign yourself?
● How transparent are the platforms advertising requirements?

These are just a few of the strategies and tips for promoting your business online with digital marketing. There are a variety of other aspects that work in conjunction with these to further increase your online presence.

Good Luck!

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