Best hosting for wordpress

Best Hosting for WordPress

Choosing the right hosting for your website can be a hard task. Hopefully, you will find a great partner with SiteGround.

Why branding is important

Why branding matters?

Branding is what most people call the best SEO strategy for your business. Learn the essentials things you should be focusing on your branding.

Website and colors

Should I care about my website colors?

Short answer? Yes. Choosing colors for call-to-actions sections, buttons, titles, and more is crucial to provide confidence through consistency.

Social Proof Importance

The Power of Social Proof

Social Proof help increase conversion rates in most of the cases. Get social media reviews on your site to boost conversion.

Mistakes that hurt SEO

Common Website Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO

SEO is not a taboo anymore, but there is a lot of miss information out there. Bad web design can place code where it shouldn’t be and obstruct¬†search engines of finding your content.

How to secure your website

Website Security: Why It Matters

Having a website that is secured will not only bring peace of mind to your customers but also boost sales and conversion in the long run.

Mobile web design optimization

How to make your website for mobile

People search for everything on their mobile devices. Your site needs to be optimized to give the best user experience on any device your customers are.

Fast responsive web design services

How to make a responsive website fast

Having a well-design website that gives you results takes a lot of research and testing. Having a team of experts to help you build a site will save you a ton of money and time.