8 Reasons Your Website Is Failing

Your website is your virtual identity; consumers search for your online presence and build a perception in their minds before physically contacting you for a product or service.

A poorly designed website can distort your brand image and direct your customer to a competitor, even when your product is excellent.

Certain factors can cause a sudden demise of your website. Some things raise red flags in a visitor’s mind. Review your site for the following mistakes.

The absence of a strategic objective in the design

If your website is a digital copy of your company’s catalog that you printed two years ago, you will fail to interact with consumers.

Your website should provide all the necessary information—contact information, value proposition, USP, product/service offered, a platform for consumer interaction, and much more.

A lot of planning is required before launching a website.

Determine your website goal; if you are creating a site solely to market your product, then an e-commerce solution is better.

On the other hand, if you are using it as a platform to share company information then make sure it’s easy to use and user-friendly to fulfill your objective.

Outdated website

It can be embarrassing when a customer asks for a product that was listed on your site, but unavailable in store.

Outdated information increases chances of miscommunication and represents a poor company image.

Spelling mistakes

People expect professionalism from all businesses. If there are spelling mistakes on your websites, customers will form a negative brand image.

Poorly written content can tarnish the authenticity of your website. Approach a professional web design firm for your content marketing needs.

The website is not ranking high

Every business wants their site to rank first on search engines.

A poorly constructed website ignores SEO elements. This impacts your search-ability and ranking. With the use of meta-tags and SEO, your web designer can improve your online visibility in your target market.

Apart from the absence of SEO, people end up using wrong keywords, which makes it hard for the search engine to determine your category. Make sure you use the right keyword in the right place; two most common areas would be your heading and title of the page.

The absence of social media buttons

Presence on social media provides credibility to businesses, and consumers like to interact with the brand on an individual level, which can easily be done through social media.

Your website is hard to navigate

A confusing design can scare away a potential customer. If he can’t figure out how to operate your site, your investment goes to waste.

The website is not mobile-optimized

Consumers usually access sites using a mobile device; if your website is not configured for a mobile user, you lose potential customers.

Around 61 percent of users leave a website if the display is not mobile friendly. Keep mobile device under consideration when developing your site.

You don’t have a blog

A blog is an easy way to promote your work and services. You can also incorporate SEO strategy into your blogs to improve ranking and optimize user experience. You can create a voice for your brand and answer common queries through your blogs.

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