6 Reasons Why A Website Takes Forever To Load

Tired of slow, unreliable websites?

You’re not alone. Website speed influences a customer’s decision to stay or leave. With a slow website, you could potentially lose a large percentage of your target customers.

Slow websites can make customers lose interest and turn to your competitors.

Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to understand why your website is running slow and what you can do to improve its speed:


First off, poor server performance is a common reason for slow loading sites. Many businesses purchase low quality web hosting services to save some dollars.

In most cases, inexpensive hosting means ending up with a shared server. Sharing a server can be a huge problem, particularly when it comes to website speed.

Therefore, make sure you’re investing in a good web host to improve your website speed.


If you’re experiencing extra traffic, it will slow down your website speed. A high quality server can manage all the excess traffic, without reducing the speed of your website.


Flash is used to improve a website’s graphics. But, Flash uses a lot of space and can hold back your website speed.

Instead of Flash, it is better to use HTML-5. HTML-5 is more mobile-friendly and has better storage than Flash. 


Adding bulky images can adversely affect website speed. Generally speaking, large images require a great amount of bandwidth while loading. This can slow down the speed of a website.

To prevent this issue, resize images before posting them. Tweak the dimensions (height and width) and format of the visuals.


Make sure you’re updating CMS, such as WordPress, Squarespace, etc. regularly. Along with constantly updating CMS, install the latest versions of software and plugins to prevent slow loading.


Too many plugins can bring down the speed of a website. Each plugin has its own CSS file and javascript to load. Consequently, running a lot of plugins will reduce the loading time of a website.

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