12 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer

Websites are the digital representation of your businesses; they need to be functional, optimized for multiple devices, and easy to navigate.

So, if you are looking for custom and affordable web design services in Huston, ask your web designer these important questions.

What To Ask Your Website Design Agency

What Range Of Services Do They Provide?

Inquire beforehand what types of services they provide. Web designers usually provide the following services: web development, hosting services, website analytics, and solutions for e-commerce. Learn what the area of their expertise is and chose a package that is suitable for your need.

Can You Provide A List Of Your Previous Projects?

Don’t rely on images or screenshots of websites that they worked on previously; ask them about properly functioning websites they have worked on. A live-site will give you a better idea of their style of work. See how they have crafted the website—is it modern? Easy to navigate? Is their design portfolio versatile?


How Will The Web Design Improve Your Revenue?

The design agency needs to examine your current website and provide a plan that is built to convert leads and generate profits.

They should provide you with a complete execution plan regarding lead generation and sales conversions. The plan will include strategies regarding content, images, and placement of CTA buttons.

How Many Pages Will My Website Have?

In-depth quality content and business information improve your ranking on search engines. Ask the designer for suggestions and decide the number of pages your business needs, like contact us, about us, product/services, blogs, gallery, resources, etc.

How To Get Started?

You need to call and select a design package. After that, you need to provide the agency with basic business information and guidelines. If you have prepared content for your company’s goals, mission statement or product description, provide it to the agency. They will optimize the content for search engine and publish it.

How Many Images Does Your Package Have?

Chances are your design package will provide a mix of stock and company-provided images; you need to ask if the design packages include tags and HD images.

Do They Provide Maintenance?

Your website will need software updates, patch repair, editing of content and data backup. Make sure you hire a company that performs all of these tasks for you.

What Will Be The Project Flow and Will They Ask For Your Approval?

Will the agency take your feedback and input in the design process? How much authority do you have on the content and images? Will they ask for your approval before making the website live? Get answers to all these questions before getting into a contract with any website design agency.

Will They Perform A Keyword Search?

The ranking is highly important in improving your website visibility, and this can be easily achieved with quality keywords. Ask your agency if they carry out an exhaustive keyword search for their clients and use SEO content for product description?

Will The Business Match My Business Growth?

There should be some scalability and adaptability in design for business growth. If your business is introducing new products and opening offices in different locations, then your website should have the room for it.

Will They Train You?

A highly optimized website is not enough; you should also know how to operate it. Make sure to hire an agency that provides proper training for handling and maintaining the website.

What Are Their Packages?

Look for a website design agency that offers multiple packages for small, large or e-commerce businesses.

Their website should have a complete price listing of different professional web design services they provide.

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